Friday, December 08, 2006

Changes after google took over youtube

hm...after google took over youtube there have been some changes...

recently the youtube interface was upgraded...what i particularly liked was the improved comment system. in the past, to view comments that were left out on a video's main page, you had to click on "show all comments", now, you can navigate within the comments...

haha...ya...i'm a comment whore...i like to read comments on youtube and other video sites, on, on slashdot, engadget and other blogs and simply is interesting because some are humourous...and to read about different people's perspective on something allows you broaden your mind and gain new insight...

but of late i've been receiving youtube message spam...i think google's take over have raised the site's profile among spammers...i'm wondering how to counter this...

Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Maximize screen estate of Firefox

I shall show you how to maximise screen estate of your Firefox browser.

Disclaimer: By following the instructions here, you are doing so at your own risk!

Firstly, install miniFoxFlat theme. Select this as default. Restart browser. This is either the smallest or one of the smallest theme.

Secondly, install Stop-or-Reload Button extension. Restart browser. What this extension is to convert the reload and stop buttons into one button. When the page is loading, the button will be the stop button. When the page is not loading, the button will be the reload button. So it effectively changes two buttons into one button.

Thirdly, install UI Tweaker extension. Restart browser. Go to Tools>UI Tweaker Options>Menu Hacks and check 'Remove the 'Go' menu'.Image Hosted by
This 'go' menu is basically a history of the particular tab you are on, and you can access the history easily using the history or back/forward buttons anyway. Then, go to Toolbar Hacks and check 'Remove the forward and back button drop down arrows'.
Image Hosted by
It removes the triangle on the right of those buttons. In case you want to access the drop down list, you can right click on the forward or back button. Restart your browser. This is what it should look like:
Image Hosted by

Lastly and most importantly, you have to customise your navigation and bookmark toolbars. Right click on bookmarks and click on customise. Ensure that for the bottom row, the drop down menu is at 'Icons' and check 'Use Small Icons'
Image Hosted by
You will realise that your bookmarks in Bookmarks Toolbar Folder now becomes 'Bookmarks Toolbar Item'.
Image Hosted by
Now, almost every other button are movable. Move all of them(buttons, reload button, navigation, search, bookmarks to the top row. While you are there, you may also add or remove any buttons by draging them in or out of the customise toolbar window. Right click on bookmarks again and uncheck Navigation Toolbar and Bookmarks Toolbar. Your bookmarks in bookmarks toolbar folder will still be there. This is what you should be getting:
Free Image Hosting at


Recently, I just discovered an extension called '
Compact Menu'. It may be useful for creating even more real estate. I have not tried it yet.

O yeah...I just remember another way to maximise screen estate...and that is to press F11 to activate fullscreen. It's just that I prefer it this way.

In case you were wondering why I only have two bookmarks in my bookmarks toolbar folder, that is because I prefer to keep other bookmarks in the main bookmark folder. These two are javascript bookmarklets left 'outside' for convenience.

Feel free to comment. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Sony BMG Settlement

Claim your share of the Sony BMG settlement
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Saturday, January 07, 2006

Nipped the problem in the bud but(sorry, pun not intended) was no match for the digg effect

From Student arrested for deadly F5 attack You just gotta read the comments on digg
A longer report than the link on digg:

The intent was wrong. But legally he did no wrong...unless he overrode the F5ers' free will with jedi mind trick. He might have violated the AUP but is it legally binding?

"Forchione said school officials noticed that Lake High’s computer system was slowing down and called a technician who discovered the problem and its source."

Now the technician will discover

I won't include the school's website for good measure...but it can be found everywhere...
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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Now has a posse too

Charles Darwin has a posse, so does Vader and Flying Spaghetti Monster.
I figured out that has to have a posse go ahead and steal this image:

Image Hosted by

Print it out, stick it on your bag, your file, your computer…

Use it as your forum avatar, signature, MSN avatar…

Anyway, here's the truth about shutdown, exactly one year after was taken offline.

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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Ideas about being selfish

In an ideal society, everyone is altruistic. By being altruistic, everyone helps each other and the result is a net gain with low deviation. In this society, many people are selfish. By attempting to get the best out of a system, there will be people whose gain is markedly higher than the average, and people whose gain have been negated by other people's attempt to gain, regardless of whether the attempt is successful or not. But the end result is a net loss throughout the system.

What I have just described is the state of today's routers(a device that forwards data packets between computer networks), but it is general enough to describe the state of other co-operative ventures such as file sharing, business, politics, travel etc... Much of today's routers are best described as 'selfish routers' - routers which attempt to take the shortest path.

The selfish router is like the selfish driver who wants to get home from work as fast as possible and hence takes the shortest/fastest route. However, as the network is not uniform, some roads become over-utilized while other are under-utilized, leading to congestion. In fact, the only drivers who get to reach home fast(gain) are those who left early, while the majority reach home slower(net loss) than they would without the congestion. As not everyone gets to head home from work early everyday, the people who gain are usually not the same everyday, yet everyone persists by taking the shortest/fastest route in their attempt to be the ones who reach home early, resulting in a net loss of traffic speed.

Today, file sharing is popular. Different p2p(peer-to-peer) networks exist: BitTorrent, Gnutella, FastTrack(kazaa), eDonkey. They all have anti-leeching technology: upload/download ratio and priority levels. This ensures that the system is not abused, but more importantly, it is to make the download speed as fast as possible, so that everyone benefits.

Kazaalite was a program which used the kazaa's fasttrack network to share files like kazaa. It is theoretically illegal as some kazaa hacking was probably done which violates the end-user agreement for using kazaa software. What this program does is to set your download priority level at the highest so that you can download things fast. This program when used by a few computer geeks can aid them in downloading things from kazaa fast. However, this is unethical as it is not fair to the other users who download things based on how much and fast they upload things, but I will mainly discuss this program and such from an academic point of view as opposed to a moral point of view. Without conducting a survey, I am unable to give exact numbers of users of kazaalite and kazaa but I will attempt to discuss the repercussions of using kazaalite.

Here goes:

  • Initially, kazaalite is released and those computer savvy geeks who are ever looking to circumvent rules and regulations will download this program.
    • These geeks can download stuff faster w00t!
    • At the expense of normal kazaa users
    • Normal kazaa users wont experience much decrease in speed
    • Bad karma generated
  • The number of kazaalite users increase due to spread by word of mouth or PM
    • More people can download stuff faster
    • At the expense of normal kazaa users
    • Normal kazaa users wont experience much decrease in speed
  • Now here comes the dilemma: should you spread word on this wonderful program?

If you do so then

    • Much more people can download
    • At the expense of normal kazaa users
    • You can win and influence friends
    • Who might chide you for taking such a long time to inform them of this gem
    • When everyone is using kazaalite……..
    • ……there wont be any increase in speed of download :(

So what’s the recommendation?

What I did is that should you find such gem, just tell a few selected good friends and swear them to secrecy, or at least let them know the implications of everyone using this. Well, I believe that this is the game theoretic solution.

The bottom line is that selfish things exist everywhere. Sometimes one has to be selfish, at other times selfless...but even selfless acts could actually be selfish manifestations of your brain's attempt to achieve the game theoretic solution. I for one do not know whether the life is evolved for the furtherance of the self or community. Neither have I complete reading Republic by Plato to gain an insight into justice.

Just don't be selfish, okay?

This post had been saved as draft for a very long time and I finally resolved to wrap it up today and post it. You may notice that towards the end of this essay the sentences do not really connect well. Erm...I couldn't be bothered towards the end. It is my first serious piece of essay on this blog. The quality of the ideas could have been a lot better had I did a lot more research. The writing could have been more elegantly done.

Please feel free to comment. Do you agree or disagree? Do you have anything to add? Don't be selfish and keep you comments to yourself!

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

The rootkit of all evil?

BBC: Sony is in trouble but we might be the ones who lose out in the end, says technology commentator Bill Thompson.

Okay...this may seem like just another opportunity for me to bash Sony but the truth is that I couldn't forget this wonderfully-coined term - rootkit of all evil - and I've decided to share it. Just reeks of puns, especially those that do not appear to be forcibly contrived...I couldn't confirm which was the source that first coined this term though so I just provided the 'I'm feeling lucky' link from a google search.

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Yet another of Sony's antics...

Secondary Screening: "Not content with simply knowingly infecting its customers' computers with security-hole inducing spyware, Sony is now sponsoring a "guerrilla" graffiti ad campaign to promote the PSP, covering inner city neighborhoods with images of kids playing with its overpriced, crippled handheld..."

Looks like there's more of Sony antics to come...first the rootkits, now this...I wonder what's next?

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