Thursday, November 10, 2005

The self-destruction of Google? How not to earn money from ad-sense

From Firefox Extensions recommended by a Google engineer (Matt Cutts). Matt Cutts introduces Ad-block, a Firefox extension which when combined with Filterset.G, a popular Ad-block script, blocks Google's Ad-sense advertisement. It does not seem to make sense to's contradicting...a Google employee potentially decreasing the amount of ads viewed (just much damage can it do?)...Also, Google is paying $1 for each new Firefox user you refer. Well, this move is obviously against Microsoft and could pay off the $1 as the stakes for internet dominance are high. However, I dare say that Firefox users are on the whole more tech savvy than Internet Explorer and are more likely to use Ad-blocking programs. This is a far cry from the earlier days of the Internet where the majority still uses dial-up. The first Ad-blocking program was created then, and along with it was complains from Ad companies that it was wrong etc...

Anyway, I would recommend visitors to my blog to try Firefox. Here's an interesting link providing 13 good reasons to switch to Firefox: Kill Bill's browser. When I first accessed Kill Bill's browser, I thought it was just a play on the movie Kill Bill just to justify the bruceleesque(not burlesque...I just coined this term for pun) bright yellow and black theme. Only when I saw the words Microsoft did it hit me that it was a double pun on the creator of the aforementioned company's founder. It was a little cruel though but I hope that he will take it like a joke. What was more cruel(to me at least) was that I did not realise the double pun fast enough...I've always pride myself on being good with puns and such.

I could do with some extra cash but I have not signed up for Ad-sense. Why? Coz I've figured out that based on the pathetic number of hits my site gets, the pittance I would receive wouldn't even be enough to justify irritating readers. Also, with my advocating of stuff such as Firefox and Ad-block, readers of my blog won't get to see many Ads anyway. Perhaps I can consider ad-sense when my readership increases significantly.

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